Segundo Matilla Marina (Madrid, 1862 – Teià, 1937)
Very little was brought to Barcelona, where he was educated and trained. He studied at the School of Fine Arts, while practicing drawing lithographic. When finished his studies, he devoted himself to painting landscapes, marine and port issues. A landscape was fond of sunsets. His painting was always easy and spontaneous way to Meifrén. He was a tireless worker, getting to paint ten to twelve hours daily. In addition to paint large canvases for the Barcelona International Exhibition, 1891, 1894, 1896 and 1898, he held a solo exhibition in Madrid, landscapes and portraits, which had a huge artistic and financial success, and in which he was a portrait painter Bianqui acquired by the Museum of Modern Art in the capital. Within this period, much of his production was exported to America.
He spent some years separated from official competitions, and only held a few exhibitions that featured production from their trips Camprodon Cadaques and Port de la Selva. In 1918 and again in 1919 he attended the exhibitions official Empordà landscapes and marines, but soon returned to his workshop, and it was presented individually. In 1921 he exhibited in a collective held at the Sala Pares by himself, considered his masterpiece. At the International Exhibition of 1929, held in Barcelona, presented a vase that was acquired by the Museum of Modern Art in the city. Segundo Matilla was a good painter but could not be developed due to adverse circumstances and who knows also his excessive modesty.


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