Ricard  Canals LLambí  (Barcelona, 1876 – Barcelona, 1931)

The self-entered the School of the Market in 1893, with Isidro Novell, but was soon abandoned and left to draw and paint outside the city and Pichot Mir (alluding to the theme of the suburbs, which will be called “The Rainbow Group”). With Novell was in Caldes de Boi (1896) and later in Paris (1897), which were presented to the gallery Le Barc de Boutteville. Despite the influence of the Impressionists, especially Renoir, ethnically Hispanic issues to not give up. After long stays in Madrid, Seville (1903) and Granada (1905) moved off the identity themes and color Novell. Sober portraits in oil and pastel, the more decorative figures and landscapes, his paintings have a predominance of sumptuous soft intonations, especially blue green.

Sponsored by the dealer Durand-Ruel exhibit in New York in 1907. He attended the official exhibitions in Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Paris and Brussel. The 1933 exhibition was a tribute to the Sala ParesHe founded and directed the Association of Arts and Artists and began with Picasso engraving technique on metal. The Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona has the largest collection of his paintings and drawings.

Ricard  Canals LLambí

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