Rafael Martínez Padilla (1878-1961)

 Nineteenth and twentieth century painter, born in Malaga in 1878. He cultivated the composition, portraits, still life, and a landscapes. When he was a child, his family moved to Barcelona. He studied at the School of Fine Arts in the city, and since 1904 he appeared in all competitions and exhibitions of Fine Arts that celebrated the city, where he exhibited several individuals. While some participated in the Exhibition of Fine Arts held in Madrid. Around 1937 he moved to France, where he devoted himself to painting landscapes in Honfleur and Montauban city where he took up residence, and Paris where he exhibited several times. In 1950 he returned to exhibit in Barcelona, ​​where he presented a set of French landscapes. His style did not have a well-defined personality, but his paintings, especially portraits and female figures are unmistakable something that shows not only his perception and his temperament fine painter, but his optimism and friendly taste. Among his numerous portraits, its character, its naturalness and its inner life, are those made ​​by Miquel Utrillo and what was called the friend Colomer. His works are in the Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona.

Rafael Martínez Padilla

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