Rafael Durancamps y Folguera (Sabadell, 1891 – Barcelona, 1979)

It is difficult to find a common link to all the works of this self-taught artist. Over the years, he was changing his pictorial interests, always with one goal: find his own style.

Born in Sabadell in 1891, he painted throughout the twentieth century, until the last day of his life, and his own right, came to be considered one of the leading figurative artists of Catalan. But his artistic beginning was not easy.

He learned to trade under the direction of Joan Vila Cinca and influence of Joaquim Mir, who befriended when were young. He visited several museums to soak up the art of the great masters such as Velazquez and El Greco. At this time his work shows a noticeable colorism where the influences of teachers and signature still works as R. Duran Camps.

His first trips as a representative average textile by Spain and the knowledge of the various museums that housed those cities increased his interest in art even more.

Natural light also was a constant in his work and never wanted to work with artificial light. The Durancamps who painted landscapes of the Vallès different Maresme two regions closely linked to his life and work, it has nothing to do with the color. Durancamps were putting up what he saw in the city on the Seine.

The very first Durancamps art-works were painted in oils, as most of the time Catalan painters did. In fact, one of them, Joaquim Mir, greatly influenced the style of the painter of Sabadell.

It’s time to go to Paris, and one of the reasons was the ability to know the work of the great Impressionist painters. During his stay in Paris he opened an art gallery, known as La Fenêtre Ouverte. In this hall exhibited artists such as Dali, Cezanne, Derain, Dufy, Miro and Picasso.

The fifteen years of living in Paris ended in 1941. Adolf Hitler and World War II took much of the blame for the artist not to continue his career in Sabadell. Anyway, even at this stage Durancamps Mediterranean completely walked where he had always painted since 1912; every summer traveling with his wife and daughter to Cadaqués, was one of the places that have benefited from the work of this author.

 Rafael Durancamps Folguera

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