Awesome Photo Manipulation Works and Digital Art Works by Mike Campau

Mike Campau is one of the most impressive digital artists that we have featured to date. He is currently a creative director at a Michigan design and imaging firm. His portfolio displays a vast array of work, showing a huge variety in styles, mediums and motifs. Mike’s skills include image retouching, photo manipulations, CG/3D work, illustration, photography and typography. This diversity is evident in his portfolio, as no two pieces are similar. He also frequently combines mediums, mixing 3D structures with complex photo manipulations and digital works. This gives his compositions a multi-dimension depth not found in many digital portfolios. His work often displays lots of energy, ranging from explosions of paint, light and color to expansive montages, warped liquid, speeding cars and more. These digital works are really inspiring and give us all something to aspire to.

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