Ignacio Gil (Barcelona 1913 – 2003)

He had a brilliant career in which the triumph came from his first exhibition when he was very young, with critics unanimous in recognition of this man, for which light and color had no secrets.

It was an extraordinary artist, agile handling pencil and charcoal to capture the stunning landscapes of Ibiza, fishing ports of the Mediterranean, European cities, all touched by the emphatic brushwork, color and a special magic to achieve with a paste which convert a white canvas in a painting full of life, without harshness, with precise thicknesses, achieving a precious creation, so that in the same table as beautiful poems rhymes lights and shadows, as if the sun penetrated through the windows of a Gothic cathedral.

Ignacio Gil arguably was a true artist, because there were no secrets for him or topic that could resist to his sight and his brushes. A indefatigable traveler, insatiable, and along his constant excursions into the wide world was translating the movement of the markets of the East, the exoticism of the Islamic countries, the small towns of the highlands of the Andes, the souks… any subject, even the most vulgar which seen through the artist’s brushes was ennobled.

Ignacio Gil

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