Funny Digital Art works and Character Designs by Denis Zilber

Denis Zilber: I was born in Minsk, former Soviet Union. I paint in Photoshop from the scratch, which means I don’t scan my sketches as many artists do. When I start coloring and if this is supposed to be a realistic image first of all I think of diffused fill light in my scene. It determines the whole color palette. Then I paint all of my objects with their basic colors, as though there is no light at all, only dark ambient lighting. Then I add deep shadows i.e. ambient occlusion. It gives my image a depth. I fact you can create an illustration using only diffused light, without any particular light source, that will be enough for basic volume. After the deep shadows I paint main lighting and shadows. Basically shadows are all there already, so I need only to add lighting. The most important thing here is to know exactly the amount of light in every part of the image.

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