Indian Wedding Photography

40 Most Beautiful Indian Wedding Photography examples

Indian Wedding Photography has evolved over the years beautifully and nowadays it’s more like a fashion statement.The brides decked up with traditional flowers with a little bit of nervousness and the bridegroom travelling on horseback to reach the venue is a gala sight. The india wedding photographers, snap documentary style pictures and capture the beautiful moments of their grand day so the couples can cherish their moments forever. India is a beautiful country with different culture people, so indian weddings differ from state to state. A typical indian wedding ceremony lasts for three days and they vary depending on the local culture and tradition. Indian weddings are equivalent to festivals with lots of flowers, crackers, yummy food, designer clothes and jewellery. A typical indian bride’s wedding dress takes atleast 3 months to be custom made and they weigh a ton. Some of the top photographers are Photo Tantra, Delhi, Anbu Jawahar Photography, Bangalore, Together Studios By Arjun & Praerna Kartha, Navdeep Soni, Pune and so on.


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