Sunrise Photography

Sunrise photography : The best time for nature photography would be dawn and dusk. Well this reminds us of the proverb,” Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy and wise”. This proverb is ideal to sunrise photos too, since the rays of sun seem to cast a beautiful shadow over the environment and it’s a pleasant feeling to wake up to the touch of the sun rays. It’s like as if the whole world is asleep and the sun is like a mother, waking it’s children in a beautiful and silent way. Enjoy these beautiful sunrise photography and stay amazed.

Sunrise photography tips

Set an early alarm clock and make sure you catch the first light of sunrise to get those awesome sunrise pictures.

Location: Make sure you scour the area in advance and set up your tripod while it’s still dark, so you will be all set when the sun starts rising.

Fog: If you can find ground fog or mist, it will add more character to your sunrise photography.

Weather: Before you choose a location, make sure you study the weather cycles, so you know that it will be a bright sunny day for your pictures.

Color Balance: If you warm the scene, it makes your picture look even more beautiful, so use the shade option in the white balance.

Manual exposure: Turn off the auto exposure and set it to manual exposure. You can allow your camera’s LCD to act as your guide, while you  are experimenting on the exposures. But remember the basic things, don’t stare too much at the sun with naked eyes, since it will lead to damage of eyesight, also too much direct sun exposure can affect your camera. So one needs to take the right level of precautions.

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