20 Creative Fifth Element Fashion Photography and Photo Collages by Damien Blottiere

His collaged assemblies are in hot demand in the fashion industry, and yet Damien Blottiere doesn’t think of himself as a photographer so much as an imagemaker within a team. You may have heard of him lately if you so happen to be a part of Paris’ fashion and photography circles. Through the unique photographic ‘cut and paste’ technique that he uses, this is the photography of the future through the lens and hands of the French born photographer, Damien Blottiere.  Paris, March 2012: The design issue of Out Magazine falls into our hands featuring a cover story of our 80’s ‘Enfant terrible’ of fashion, Jean-Paul Gaultier in an image that evokes an impression of the past blending with the future. i hope you will like these photo collage / fashion collage.

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