Bridal Mehndi Design : Darcy Vasudev is a talented henna designer and she is the owner of Henna Lounge. She has ample experience in the henna designing and has travelled extensively to share her henna artistry to the world. When Darcy is nit drawing henna on someone, she creates wall murals inspired from henna designs. She is quite well versed in wedding mehndi designs. Darcy Vasudev specializes in Arabic mehndi designs, moroccan mehndi designs, pakistani mehndi designs and also in contemporary mehndi designs. Darcy has travelled around the world with henna lounge and she is the most sought after henna designer for Indian weddings around the world. Darcy Vasudev takes classes for people who are interested in bridal mehndi designs. If you are interested to learn from her, you can contact her through facebook.

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